Brian TurnerI am confident you and I are very similar. We both have had our aspirations. We have sought after security in people, money, and possessions. When this burned us out, we looked for pleasure to complete us. After the pleasure ran out, and we were still dissatisfied, we tried to become virtuous people. Then we were not only concerned with achieving completeness and wholeness, but we were also careful about being virtuous in our means as well.

I was doing exactly this as I was trying to reach fame in the name of Jesus. Of course, there's always the temptation of power over others to add to your already schizophrenic masquerade. 

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. This is the predicament of the entire human race. Where all other endeavors, spiritual or secular, fail, Vedanta is successful. We tell you, "You are already complete and whole." Then we tell you the truth about yourself, which you can personally investigate and find to be true if you exercise faith (not blind faith, however), patience, and perseverance. Everything is one with you. You are not in conflict with anything. The world does not need fixing, and you do not need fixing.  We are not trying to make you a better person. We will point you to the fact that you are already whole and complete, even with apparent evidence to the contrary. Vedanta is a mirror of words reflecting you as an undivided self. It is the end of the road. There is no where else to turn to know yourself. I invite you to discover your real self.


Love One. Love All.


Brian Turner


Ps. I was in Christian ministry for over 30 years. I served in several churches. Some were independent charismatic or pentecostal churches. Some were Assemblies of God churches. Others were United Methodist churches. I have been a lead biblical counselor overseeing the counseling department for a Teen Challenge facility. I have also worked as a counselor within the secular mental health field. I've even had some time working as a retail supervisor for big box retailers. I have a B.S. in Psychology and a Doctor of Divinity. I am a 200 hour certified yoga teacher, and I am a member of Yoga Alliance. But you don't want to know about me. You want to know about yourself. Jump into the content of this website and even my social media platforms to begin your journey, which is really not a journey at all. 

Here is a picture of my teacher, Ramji. You can find out more about him at Shining World









Here is a picture of Ramji's teacher, Chinmayananda. 

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