Brian Turner


Hi! I am Brian Turner. I am a husband to Jaclyn and a father to three adult children: Christian, Austin, and Kirstin. I am also a grandfather to Silas.

When Advaita Vedanta found me, I was in a very low point in my life. I had believed I was to be a succesful pastor but not just any pastor. I aspired to be a church planter who would grow a church from scratch and reach millions around the world. I wanted to be a writer of best selling Christian books. I desired to travel the world speaking to thousands of people. In other words, it was my ultimate passion to be a Christian rockstar; however, those dreams failed, not once, but twice. In the midst of it all, non-dual wisdom found me.

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One Hour Non-Dual Life Coaching Session

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Non-Dual Life Coaching is applying the non-dual wisdom of Vedanta to life's struggles. Whether psychological, emotional, relational, or spiritual, Vedanta contains the wisdom to help you get your life on track.


Brian is available for a number of different types of speaking engagements. Whether spiritual, secular, academic, or leadership related, Brian can bring value to your event. He is certified as a 200 hour yoga teacher, and he is a memeber of Yoga Alliance and is avalaible for Yoga related events, conferences, and seminars. Click below to learn more and book.

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Vedanta is the end of the road. When all else has failed, Vedanta appears for the serious seeker. Brian offers life coaching for those who are stuck in their journey. Whether that journey is secular, spiritual, or the pursuit of self realization, Vedanta is relevant, and Brian is available to be the guide by your side as you wind your way through this thing called life. Click below to learn more.

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